Physical therapist working with cute preschooler little girl in gymnasium, stretching over fitness ball
Feet stepping on therapy balls to practice balance at a PT clinic

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist focuses on helping individuals develop, restore and maintain maximum movement, functional ability and independence throughout their lives. Physical therapists are specialists in the systems of the body that affect movement. They assess movement impairment and develop and implement treatment plans to enhance mobility and the ability to perform functional activities in order to foster independence.

The pediatric physical therapist specializes in working with children to help them become as mobile and as independent as possible. The pediatric physical therapist uses their knowledge of the stages of motor development and movement patterns, biomechanics, and the musculoskeletal and neurological systems to assess and treat children with mobility issues. Hands on and play techniques are used to address difficulties in the areas of delayed gross motor skills, strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, gait mechanics and orthotics management. The goal of the pediatric physical therapist is to promote the child’s active participation at home, in school, in their community and in activities with their peers.

Students with developmental disabilities may continue to require physical therapy services after they leave the school environment. These services for the adult developmentally delayed individual are met in the community and may be met in a home setting.

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